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Guidelines for the use of Cookies and like Technology

Guidelines for the use of Cookies and like Technology

DWANGO Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as “We”) use cookies and technology similar to cookies (hereafter referred to as “Cookies and like Technology” ) to provide all Users with optimized service. All Users shall review the content of “Guidelines for the use of Cookies and like Technology” (hereafter, referred to as “These Guidelines”) and consent to These Guidelines for use of our services. By using our services, Users shall consent to “These Guidelines.”

1.About Cookies and like Technology

Cookies and like Technology are technologies that temporally save information about the User onto the User’s device. By using Cookies and like Technology, service providers can provide every User with optimized service should Users reuse the service.

2.How information is handled through Cookies and like Technology

User device identification and other User information is handled within Cookies and like Technology.

Please refer to our Basic Personal Information Protection Policies for information regarding how We handle such information.

3.Deactivating Cookies

Website Users can deactivate cookie features from inside their browser settings. Should they do so, portions from our services may become unavailable.

4.Third party use of Cookies and like Technology

We use the following services provided by third parties to analyze User usage of our services, moreover, for the purpose of distributing appropriate advertisements for Users. Herewith, based on Cookies and like Technology that we or third parties issue, User device identification and other User information may be acquired by such third parties when Users use our services.

Such information does not include any information that identifies a specific individual. For information regarding how such information is used by third parties, please review the following privacy policies of each company.

Furthermore, if Users do not wish to use Cookies and like Technology by third parties, Users can perform the deactivation (opt out) procedure from the company pages below.

ServicePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
adjustPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
AmazonPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
applovinPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
BytedancePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
CRITEOPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
cyber communicationsPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
CyberAgentPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
F@N CommunicationsPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
FacebookPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
FIVEPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
fluctPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
GenieePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
GooglePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
GunosyPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
i-mobilePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
LOGLYPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
magnitePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
MicroAdPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
Microsoft CorporationPrivacy Policy Posted Page Microsoft Clarity Terms of UseOpt Out
NielsenPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
OpenXPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
outbrainPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
Platform OnePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
popInPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
PubmaticPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
Repro Inc.Privacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
SMNPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
SpeeePrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
SuperShipPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
UNITEDPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
VerizonMediaPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
Video ResearchPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
Yahoo JapanPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out
ZucksPrivacy Policy Posted PageOpt Out

Google Analytics
The Company uses Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 and other tools to monitor and analyze service access/usage, and for other purposes.
Google data may include user device identifiers and other information based on cookies and other identifiers issued by the Company or by Google. By using services of the Company, the user gives permission for such processing. Information collected does not allow identification of specific individuals. For details of user information handling, see Google’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Users can opt out of Google’s usage of cookies and other identifiers at opt-out.

Google Customer Match
The Company uses Google’s Customer Match function to improve the user experience with user-tailored advertising and content, and shares personal information (as defined in the Company’s privacy policy with Google exclusively for this purpose. Google does not create or enhance user profiles based on information provided by the Company, nor does it share data with third parties such as other advertisers. Access the links below for information on Google’s Customer Match system, data handling restrictions and management of advertising preferences.
About Customer Match, Google ad help page
Google ad settings

Google Ad Manager
Google Ad Manager is used to provide customized advertising based on Publisher-Provided Identifiers (PPIDs) created for individual users. PPI data remain entirely within the service, and cannot be used for collation or checking against personal information on other sites. Google Ad Manager settings can be adjusted at Google ad settings.

Authenticated Traffic Solutions(ATS)
LiveRamp ATS is used to provide customized advertising via collation of hashed user email addresses with first-party data of user-authenticated advertisers for targeted content in a cookie-free environment. Hashed email addresses are accessed for ATS usage.
Privacy policy
Opt out

Amazon Publisher Audiences
We use the Amazon Publisher Audiences service, which provides customized advertising based on hashed user email addresses using tokens in first-party cookies.
We provide hashed email addresses to Amazon in Washington, USA, which observes all eight principles set out in the OECD Privacy Guidelines. Information on privacy under US Federal and Washington State Law:
US Federal Law
Washington State Law
Information on Amazon’s management of advertising preferences:
Privacy Policy
Interest-based Advertising Policy
Advertising Preferences

5.Revision of These Guidelines

We may choose to amend These Guidelines at our discretion. Should these guidelines be amended, We shall notify Users by posts on our services. After such amendment notifications, Users shall consent to These Guidelines, post amendment, by use of our services.