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Privacy Policy for Customers in the European Economic Area

DWANGO Co.,Ltd (“Company” or “we”) recognises the importance of protecting Personal Information, and we strive to handle properly the Personal Information provided by you, our customer residing in the European Economic Area (EEA) and protect your privacy in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related laws and regulations (“Laws”.) Before using our website and receiving a service from the Company, you need to read through this Privacy Policy.

“Personal Information” means address, name, telephone number, and any other information that can be used to identify a customer as a specific individual (including the information that falls under the definition of “Personal Data” in Article 4 of GDPR.)

1.Personal Information We Collect

The Company may collect from you the Personal Information, including the following:

  • Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, occupation, age, and username
  • Access history data such as IP address and cookies data during (at the time of) your access to our website
  • Shopping data, contents of inquiries, customer account information, orders and contract information, detailed information of delivery of goods, billing information, bank account information, history of transactions and contacting, as well as the information about transactions and communication between you and the Company on our website
  • Identification and location information of a terminal device

2.Purpose of Use of Personal Information We Collect

The Company will collect Personal Information from you mainly in the cases below. The purposes of our use of the Personal Information we collect and the legitimate basis for the use are as follows:

  • To process your registration for a service, and to provide you with the service (Performance of a contract)
  • To process your application for a prize, gift, contest or the like, to notify you if you are a winner or entitled to receive some prize, and to deliver the prize, goods, or the like to you, or to give you the prize money (Performance of a contract)
  • To confirm your order for goods or fee-based service, to confirm your payment therefor, and to deliver the goods to you (Performance of a contract)
  • In cases where you use a certain service that is jointly provided by the Company and one of our business-alliance partners, to provide the user information about you to the said partner only to the extent required at a minimum for the provision of the service to you (Performance of a contract)
  • To receive, investigate and answer your queries (Performance of a contract)
  • To inform you about maintenance, important notice etc. as necessary (Performance of Contract)
  • To process your application for employment, to decide to hire you or not, or to notify you of a career seminar or the like (Legitimate interests)
  • To recommend any goods or service, or to provide you with other information about new goods, service, or the like based on your user history (Consent by the data subject)
  • To conduct market research, planning, or research and development (Legitimate interests)
  • To develop new goods, service, or the like (Legitimate interests)
  • To improve your experience on our website in a way such as by personalising advertisements and contents you may be shown on our website or any of our services (This includes customising our advertisements and contents you may be shown on any third party website or any of those services using “Google Customer Match” set forth below or similar services) (Consent by the data subject)
  • To analyze your usage situation (Legitimate interests)
  • To aggregate the Personal Information and make statistical material that cannot identify any specific individual, to conduct marketing, to develop new goods or service, and to improve the quality of our services based on the material; and to conduct joint research together with business partner companies (Legitimate interests)
  • To provide information on the services of sponsors and business partner companies in advertising businesses (Consent by the data subject)
  • To identify users who violate our terms of use and to refuse further use of our services (Legitimate Interest).
  • To contact you regarding the Company’s use of the content you uploaded to our service.

3.Sharing of Personal Information with Outside Parties

The Company will share your Personal Information with its group companies. Also, the Company may share your Personal Information with the following business partners and/or other third parties:
・Service providers
The Company may conduct the business by using a third party such as a marketing company, and an IT service provider. In that case, the Company may need to share your Personal Information for the provision of a specific service. The shared Personal Information about you will be used under the instruction of and for the purpose of the Company.
・Legal obligations
In accordance with the Laws, the Company may disclose your Personal Information to public authorities engaging in the enforcement of law at the requirements under the Laws, the court order, or the request of a governmental authority or law enforcement agency (including those required in terms of national security or law enforcement measures, as well as those made by a governmental authority and the court of a country where the Company is conducting the business.)

To the extent permitted by law, where necessary, the Company may disclose your Personal Information to a third party (including a legal advisor) to prove, assert or defend against a legal claim; to exercise our rights; to protect our property, other ’s rights and property, or safety; or to support an external audit, our compliance, and corporate governance function.

4.Transfer of Personal Information to Third Party Outside of EEA

In cases where the Company needs to conduct a cross-border transfer of the Personal Information about you, a customer in the EEA, to a third country outside of the EEA, we will take appropriate protective measures required for the cross-border transfer of the data.

5.Precaution Notice

Our website on the Internet operated by the Company may contain an external link. In that case, please note that the Company will not assume any responsibility for the handling of your Personal Information on the said external website. Also, please note that some of third parties other than the Company may independently collect your Personal Information through advertisements placed on our goods, such as a magazine published by the Company. In that case, we will, also, not assume any responsibility for the handling of your Personal Information.

6.Rights Held by Customers in EEA

You, a customer in the EEA, have the following rights in relation to your Personal Information retained by the Company:

  • (1)Right to access to your Personal Data
  • (2)Right to request the rectification of your inaccurate Personal Data
  • (3)Right to request the erasure of your Personal Data
  • (4)Right to request the restriction on the processing of your Personal Data
  • (5)Right to receive your Personal Data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format
  • (6)Right to object to the processing of your Personal Data
    In cases where your Personal Data is processed on your consent, you, a customer in the EEA, have the right to withdraw your consent in relation to your Personal Data at any time.

For your submission of a request for any of the rights held by you in relation to your Personal Information, please see “7. Contact for Inquiries” below.

7.Contact for Inquiries

The point of contact below accepts any comment, inquiry, or complaint from yourself in relation to your Personal Information.

When you request under “6. Rights Held by Customers in EEA,” please describe the following points and contact us at the specified point of contact:

  • (1)Contents of the Personal Information about which you want to make a request
  • (2)Name of a service about which you want to make a request
  • (3)Reason for your request
  • (4)How you want the Company to address your request
    After receiving the request from you, the Company will ask you to provide a document required for the confirmation of your identity as specified by us to verify that the request is made by yourself. Upon the completion of the verification process, we will address your request.

In cases where a request is made by a proxy for you, not by yourself, we will ask the proxy to submit a document certifying his/her authority of representation to the Company.
Point of Contact:

8.Administrator name and contact information

DWANGO Co., Ltd. KABUKIZA TOWER, 4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

9.Handling of Personal Data of Customers below 16 Years

Please understand that if you are below the age of 16 years, the Company will ask the consent of your parental guardian, where necessary, before receiving the provision of your Personal Data.

10.Retention Period

The Company will not retain your Personal Information for any purpose other than the purpose of obtaining the information or beyond the requirements under applicable Laws.


On our website, as with a lot of other websites, the Company may use cookies or another automatic information collection program, where necessary, subject to your consent.

Cookies are the function to store the information about a user on the user’s browser or hard drive through our website. By using cookies, you can save time to re-type the information already stored on your hard drive.

Also, we may use cookies to improve your experience on our website by keeping the record of when and how you use our website.

You can set your browser to disable the functionality of cookies; however, in a few cases, some of our website features may not function as a result.

We use third-party services to analyze how users use our services and to deliver appropriate advertisements to users. As a result, when the user uses our service, the third party may obtain identification information of the user’s device and other information about the user based on cookies, etc. issued by us or the third party.

For details on how the Company uses cookies, please see our Cookies Policy placed here.
Cookies Policy

12.About Google Customer Match

We use Google Customer Match to enhance convenience for customers such as by customising our advertisements and contents you see in using Google services. We share certain information with Google including your personal information and user information for advertising purposes. Google does not create or augment your profile with the information we provide and does not share data with third parties such as other advertisers. To learn about how Google Customer Match works and how Google handles limited data, please refer to the Google Ads help page. The advertisements you see with Customer Match can be controlled according to your choice by visiting Google Ads settings as follows.

About Google Customer Match

Google Ad Settings

13.Other Matters

Please note that if you do not provide us with the updated and accurate information about you, in some cases, you may not receive an adequate service.

You have the right to lodge an objection to the processing of the Personal Information in relation to you with the data protection supervisory authority having jurisdiction over the place of your residence.

14.Amendments to Privacy Policy

The Company may amend or update this Privacy Policy without limiting any of the rights held by an individual outlined herein. Upon the amendments to this Privacy Policy, we will state the date of such update below.

Please refer to this page for the group companies of KADOKAWA CORPORATION.

Date of Update: 08/04 2020