DWANGO Co., Ltd.

DWANGO Co., Ltd.


  • Web Service

    Web Service

    We offer communication services such as Niconico, which provides an interactive video sharing and live-streaming experiences, "Virtual Cast", which incorporates virtual reality, and a variety of content distribution services such as Dwango.JP and animelo mix.
  • Event


    We host a variety of events starting with “Niconico Chokaigi,” a huge event that began in 2012 with theme of “fusing the online and the real world”, the Vocaloid festival “The VOCALOID Collection”, “Danmas World”, a dance event where talented dancers from around Japan gathers under one roof, and the world's largest anime song event "Animelo Summer Live". The multi-award winning stage performance “Cho Kabuki”, jointly produced by Shochiku and Dwango, fuses traditional Japanese entertainment with latest technology. We also run our own satellite studio “Hareza STUDIO”.
  • Business in Creator Support

    Creator Support

    We provide comprehensive support for various online content creators such Vocaloid P, Odorite (dancers), Utaite (singers) and illustrators. Our goal is to maximize creator’s content value and we achieve this through content management, distribution in various media outlets, promotional assistance and corporate tie-ups.
  • Education


    We aim to become a leading company in the education industry and offer innovative services with an eye towards the future. We create contents and develop services for “N High School, S High School and N Middle School, an online school run by Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen. Additionally, we develop “N Prep School” (a learning app tailored for online education), operate its classes, create teaching materials and contents for classes that incorporates VR. Vantan Inc., with its vision to “create the best school that provides a real world experience”, offers learning program developed through academia-industry collaboration and has produced over 200 thousand graduates.
  • Game


    We offer the smartphone app game "#Compass-Combat Providence Analysis System," which was jointly developed by Dwango and NHN PlayArt. Spike Chunsoft, a subsidiary of Dwango, handles the planning, development and sales for their original games, localizes foreign games and accepts contract development for leading publishers.
  • Others


    We provide services in various fields by leveraging our strength in planning and technological expertise. Additionally, we conduct research and development centered on machine learning.